Review of the year

Mr Hoggart, 3 Jul 2019

A quick look back at another great year of sport at West Cornforth

This year at West Cornforth we have taken part, excelled and improved Sport and PE. during this post we will take a look back at some of the highlights from over the last twelve months.

Success in competitions 

During competitions we as a school have looked more and more competitive than ever before.  This has provide us with a platform to go to events hoping and expecting to finish in a high position.  Below we have listed some of our best results:

  • Girls Football 1st Place in Sedgefield's  League 
  • Boys Football 2nd in Greenfield's League
  • Ferryhill's Netball League 3rd Place
  • Sedgefield's Basketball Competition  2nd Place
  • Sedgfield's Swimming Gala Year 3/4 Back Stroke 2nd place and 3rd in Year 3/4 Breast Stroke
  • 3rd in Sedgfield's Y3/4 Tennis 

Making Events Inclusive 

Over this year every child from Reception to Class six has take part in a inter school sports Event. That's 168 children all participating in competitions, festivals and activities. Well done to all the children in these age groups for your efforts.

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