Tennis Assembly

Mr Randles, 11 Mar 2019

Alison Smith from Burton Tennis Club visits WS.

Tennis Assembly

Alison recently taught school staff about 'cardio tennis'.  A form of tennis involving lots of movement and increased heart rates!  It's more engaging than just learning forehands and backhands.  Children are moving for the majority of the time while using some tennis skills in these activities.

Alison cam to the school during our 'Inspirations Week'.  During the week and dozen or so adults spoke to the children about their ambitions.  Alison talked to the children about her tennis career - from Wimbledon player, to coach.  She talked about the skills required for her role and also about the pros and cons of being a tennis coach.

The children asked some great questions.  The best one being, 'who was your greatest inspiration.'  Being able to say 'Martina Navratilova' as the answer is pretty impressive!

The school will be entering some children into the mini tennis competition later in the year and we are also advertising the tennis club by sending out leaflets and invitations to parents in the hope they can get their children there some time this spring and summer.

Many thanks Alison!

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