Level 2 Cross country competition

Sylvie, 15 Dec 2017

A report on our Level 2 cross country competition on 11th October 2017.


On the 11th of October, the years 6, 5 and 4 went to compete in the cross country! Our trip was very successful; we were the fastest year six girl team, the fastest year six boy team, the second fastest year five girl team and the fastest year five boy team. We competed for our school, (Yatton junior school) and brought back lots of glistening medals!

Everyone arrived at the normal arriving time, and then got changed into our team clothes. Then a coach came to drive us all to Hutton more in Weston. But the kids were not the only people who came; some of the teachers came to! They were: Mr Bertenshaw, Miss Jarvis, Miss Davis, Mrs McDowall, Mrs Harston and Mrs Powel. The journey lasted about thirty minutes.

When we arrived, it was quite chilly so we had to wrap up warm! The field we ran around was extremely big, (most of us were flabbergasted)! But luckily we trained every day to make sure we were up to the challenge. There were loads of other schools competing as well as us from all over the county. It was quite scary! Mrs Harston set up a small tent to keep our supplies in and Miss Davis lay down a water proof sheet for us to sit on and keep our belongings on.

The year four girls all went first, while we watched or practised. Every time a year set of a man would blow a loud hooting horn. The year fours all had to run around the field once, and the year fives and sixes had to run around it twice! They did very well, and one girl called Olivia came second place! Next were the year four boys, they also did very well and got a lot of high places! By then the year fives were getting nervous!

After that, the year five girls were on. Once again, they were superb with lots of amazing places! (Everyone was exhausted after they finished).Then the year five boys went on (there were a lot of them), and had tremendous scores, especially because they had to run two laps! Finally, it was the year six kids. As I walked on (I’m a year six girl), I felt my stomach tie itself into a million knots. I had never ran that far before. We lined up and prepared for the hooter to blow. Then…HONK!!!! It blew, and the race began. I was utterly petrified, but I knew everyone was cheering me on, and my friends felt the same way as I did. We also had to run two laps, so it was important that we paced ourselves. As I finished my first lap, I felt a slight pain of stitch. I turned around and saw just how well I was doing! Then I looked in front and saw how well my team was doing! I was half way through when I suddenly I felt a massive pain in my sides, and my throat went all dry. I felt sick and I wanted to stop, but I knew it was too late to stop now.

I had nearly reached the finish line, and then I saw all of my team mates, Mr Bertenshaw and Mrs McDowell cheering me on. Even though I was in pain, it made me run faster. Then I crossed the finish line and smiled with joy. I had done it! I finished in forty ninth place! After us, the year six boys went on and did a fabulous job! And got some amazing places! 

Then it was the medal awards, and we all screamed with delight as we won nearly all the medals! Then we drove back to school and had a group photo taken and sent to Jim Gump, our role model.

By Sylvie Dunn.


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