More than 21,000 schools across England are registered with the School Games website. During the last full academic year (2017/18) we provided 2.3 million participation opportunities for young people as part of School Games events...

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Catch up with all the key School Games news and offers here. We also run a number of regular features, including our monthly 'Best of the Blogs' piece, as well as interviews with key figures from in and around the School Games.

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School Games Stories

Over the years we have collated a number of excellent case studies from across the School Games, including examples of good practice and variations of inclusive competition which ensure that the School Games is available for all young people.

You will see a number of these case studies placed around certain relevant areas of the website. However, to view the full list, please click on the button below.

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The Benefits

The School Games is a fun and enjoyable way of engaging all young people through school sport - either as a competitor, young leader, official, or as part of a media team, focusing on blogging and promoting sport.

Sport can encourage the growth of numerous qualities within young people and we encourage teachers and event organisers to celebrate success around six key values: determination, honesty, passion, respect, self-believe and teamwork. We call this the 'Spirit of the Games'.

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School Games Hall of Fame

We're incredibly proud of the hard work our network puts in to ensuring the School Games is the best that it can be. As such, we strive to recognise outstanding contributions on a regular basis. Find out more about our awards here...

School of the Month Award

This monthly award is given to the school who have made the single strongest contribution to the media content available on the School Games website. For more information on how to start blogging at your school please click on 'Taking Part'.

SGO Regional Awards

These termly awards are given to the SGOs deemed to be performing best in the four unique areas of the SGO tasklist. Additionally, there are the Innovation Awards, which recognise those who work innovatively to find effective solutions and provide every young person with the opportunity to engage in the School Games.

Development Coach Recognition Awards

During each Summer Term all of our Development Coaches nominate an SGO they feel has gone above and beyond in the pursuit of providing young people with the very best opportunities to reach their personal best in any area of the School Games.

SGO of the Year Award

This annual award is given to the SGO deemed to be performing best across the full SGO tasklist over a 12 month period.

School Games National Summit Awards

These annual awards reward the SGO performing best in each area of the SGO tasklist over a 12 month period. There are also special awards for the best performing LOC and NGB.

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Impact in My Area

Do you want to find out what your local school has been up to? Use the 'find your school' search bar below to locate any school in the country. Search by school name or postcode and hear from them directly - see which sport events they have attended, read the blogs they have submitted, and check out their School Games Mark record. 

If you're a teacher at a school and want to get involved - find your school using the same search and then use the buttons provided to request an account. Then you too will be able to get involved, customise your school profile page, and show off about your achievements.

Not satisfied with that? Signing up puts you in direct contact with your local School Games Organiser (SGO). Request for your school to attend inter-school events being organised in your area and submit your School Games Mark. On top of all that, you can access our comprehensive resource library full of everything you need to make your school sport provision right for you. So what are you waiting for? Get involved now and start making an impact! 

#take10 Campaign

It's no secret that preparing for Summer exams is tough, particularly for 14-16 year-olds, with pressure to revise in and out of school. #take10 uses sport and physical activity to give students a 10 minute break from brain drain. It's a small ask, giving young people a reason to be active. Exercise boosts endorphins, giving young people a mental break with physical impact.

The campaign encouraging short exercise breaks for young people takes place in June 2018 so look out for the hashtag on our social media channels and consider taking part for the chance to win some great prizes. 

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