SPIN has organised a virtual cross-country competition for all pupils. Please encourage your school to participate.

Who can take part?  Any pupil in all SPIN schools

Where will it take place? Any suitable area for your school – as flat as possible!

When will it take place? Any time to suit you as long as the results are submitted by Friday 27th November 2020

Where do I send the results? Email: [email protected]

Do I need to send every child’s time?  No – just the top 3 in each year group

How far do the children run?   Reception – 400 metres

 KS1 – 800 metres

 Years 3&4 – 1000 metres

 Years 5&6 – 1500 metres

Will the children get a certificate?  The top 3 boys and top 3 girls in each year at each school will receive a certificate. The top 3 boys and top 3 girls out of everyone will receive a medal.

Will there be a team prize? Yes, each school should time the 15th pupil in each class of 30 and send the result in. Schools with more than one group of 30 taking part in a particular age group will send in a result for each group. If a school has a lot less than 30 participants, send in the time of the runner who came in the middle. Teams are mixed gender.

Any questions? Contact Linda Stacey: [email protected]


Newsome High SGO Area

Newsome SGO area comprises 45 educational establishments in South Kirklees. It consists of primary and secondary schools in the following areas: Newsome, Almondbury, King James's, Shelley, Netherhall, Moor End, the Mount School as well as the following special schools, PRUs and FE colleges: Castle Hill School, Woodley School and College, Ethos, Joseph Norton Academy, Greenhead College, Kirklees College.