My Sportfolio - Keeping Active over Lockdown

As millions of young people across the country now move back to remote learning, the continuation for Physical Education and daily physical activity will be vital in supporting their wellbeing. As part of our ‘PE at Home’ learning, you can use the Sportfolio to work with your Teacher and School Games Organiser to provide your child/children with a weekly Lockdown journal to help them stay active at home. It is designed to help them achieve at least 30 minutes of activity a day, with target setting and personal challenges to complete each week.

My Sportfolio - Keeping Active over Lockdown

The Lockdown Sportfolio is easy to use and requires input from both students and parents and/or teachers to reflect on their work each week. The responsibility lies with the student to identify targets that they would like to work on each week. Younger KS1 children may need some help with this, and this can be a great way of getting the whole family involved.

We ask that you please visit where you will find a Public Profile page for our School Games Organiser. On that page are resources, challenges and updates to help with your child/children’s PE at home, all available to download, including the Lockdown Sportfolio and Fitness Fun Personal Challenges. 

I hope you enjoy the challenges set by your teachers and on the profile page

Yours Sincerely

Sam Cox

Poole SGO Area

Welcome to Poole School Games, my name is Sam Cox. I'm based at Carter Community School. I have been working as a School Games Organiser for 6 years and grew up in the Poole area myself. I love my job and take pride in it every day. We are trying to achieve our mission of providing opportunities for all in Sport, PE and physical activity so that all students can enjoy and succeed. Here in Dorset the School Games Organiser team have developed some fun games, resources, challenges and video's to ensure that we can keep active and healthy during this time of Isolation. These are some great ways to contribute towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.