Personal Challenges - Have a Go!

Can you beat your own scores?

Personal Challenges - Have a Go!

The Dorset SGO's, Sports Leaders and assorted special guests, will be posting a daily challenge for you to complete. 

It may be a personal challenge, where we ask you to perform a task and then practice to improve your score or your time. It might be a skill that we set you to learn, or it might be supporting someone else in your house in their attempt to be active.  

Whatever it is, we hope that it is fun and that you enjoy taking part.

The challenges are published daily on twitter on the Poole School Games Twitter feed or you can try previous challenges by viewing them all here. 

Download the tracker in the resources

Poole SGO Area

Welcome to Poole School Games, my name is Sam Cox. I'm based at Carter Community School. I have been working as a School Games Organiser for 6 years and grew up in the Poole area myself. I love my job and take pride in it every day. We are trying to achieve our mission of providing opportunities for all in Sport, PE and physical activity so that all students can enjoy and succeed. Here in Dorset the School Games Organiser team have developed some fun games, resources, challenges and video's to ensure that we can keep active and healthy during this time of Isolation. These are some great ways to contribute towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.