Sports Leaders - Personal Challenge Video's

Can you be a role model for students at your school?!

Sports Leaders - Personal Challenge Video's

Hi Team!

As you may have seen Dorset School Games are posting some personal challenges (one a day) in order to keep children motivated and active during this time of Isolation.  We are trying to get more involvement from the community (parents and students) and I am tasking Sports Leaders in all Poole Schools to try and be part of this initiative.

We have had some fantastic video's already from students at Carter Community School (Ebony, Aila, Elexie & Kaci) and Poole Grammar School (Lucas and Oscar) Harry from Heatherlands and well done from Aflie, Emma and Ethan from St Josephs.

please see more details below.  

Here are the video's we have posted so far! - 

YOUR CHALLANGE AND TASK .......... can you come up with and film your own personal challenges!

The challenges should be simple and fun, they should take between 30seconds to a minute to complete. The idea being you have 3 attempts (practice in between) to try and improve each day. In your video make sure you Introduce yourself (first name) and say which school your from.  If you have your School Games Tshirt - Please wear or if not your Schools PE Uniform. Try to keep equipment to a minimum so everyone can do it! Also think about a way to make it easier or more difficult to adapt it for younger and older children (different abilities). Also make sure the space is safe and adaptable as not everyone may have the same space to work in.  

Have fun making them and please share them with your PE Lead at School. Alternatively if you or parents have social media you can post it and we will share it with you!

Instagram - @dorsetgames

Twitter - @SGO_Poole

Also use the following hashtags in your videos #DorsetDailyDose #StayInWorkOut #StayInSaveLives  


Mr Cox

Poole SGO Area

Welcome to Poole School Games, my name is Sam Cox. I'm based at Carter Community School. I have been working as a School Games Organiser for 6 years and grew up in the Poole area myself. I love my job and take pride in it every day. We are trying to achieve our mission of providing opportunities for all in Sport, PE and physical activity so that all students can enjoy and succeed. Here in Dorset the School Games Organiser team have developed some fun games, resources, challenges and video's to ensure that we can keep active and healthy during this time of Isolation. These are some great ways to contribute towards the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.