Today - 13th May is World Numeracy Day

What does Numeracy have to do with the School Games you ask? We can look at Numeracy through PE and School Sport in so many ways - whether it is measuring the distance of a jump for personal challenge, whether it is the time to complete a race in Athletics, young leaders scoring a basketball match or the trajectory that a discus is thrown, to name just a few! On Thursday 13th it is World Numeracy Day - a graet time to make a link and talk about the great Teach Active online resource.

Today - 13th May is World Numeracy Day

Why is Numeracy Day important and how can we link it to PE and School Sport?

Mathematics can be found in all aspects of our daily lives. We use it at school, at work, and in practical activities at home and in wider society. Whether we’re paying for a bus ticket, working out our tax, planning a holiday or thinking of taking out a mortgage, maths will always be involved.

Teach Active, in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, are offering a wealth of FREE WEBINARS that may be of interest to you and your team. Teach Active incorporate movement and Physical activity into Maths and English, making learning fun and engaging AND it helps children towards their active minutes.

To view the up and coming webinars, simply visit the events page of their website - and book onto the relevant sessions.

Up and coming webinars include:

‘Why Physical Activity should be on your School Development Plan

‘Active Maths – a journey to the top 5% nationwide’

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