BMK Virtual Challenge Week 5 is now live!

We are now onto week 5 of the Bucks and MK Virtual School Games and this week we are looking at Athletics and the standing Long Jump. Check out the challenge and some interesting facts below!

BMK Virtual Challenge Week 5 is now live!

Week 5 see's us jumping as far as we can with the standing long jump!

Did you know the current World Long Jump records stand at:

Men (Mike Powell USA) 8.95 Metres set back in 1991 

Women (Galina Chistyakova of the former Soviet Union) 7.52 Metres (This record has stood for over 32 years!!)

These are nearly as far as a bus!! Can you imagine jumping that far!

Check out this video of the Top Ten Womens Long Jumps of all time here:

Paralmpic Games Beijing Long JumP F46

Here are some great videos of male athletes at the Paralympic Games in Beijing - check out the size of their jumps! (F46 -  Athletes with a unilateral upper limb impairment roughly comparable to the activity limitations experienced by an athlete with a unilateral amputation of one arm through or above the wrist and one intact arm. )

Check out the challenge on Twitter here:

Or via the LEAP Bucks & MK page here: 

For wheelchair users completing the challenge  please see the attached resource card (page 3) 

Entries will also be able to made via a small survey link and no video's (just #honesty) from now on. The link will be added HERE shortly.

Don't forget when entering in social media to use the #BMKVirtualSG and tag me @SSPSouthBucks

As always, if you need any support in making the challenge fully accessible, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

SAVE THE DATE: Thursday 9th July 2020! Virtual School Games Final for Bucks & Milton Keynes. We will be setting some new challenges and celebrating the year. There may even be a special Olympic Gold Medal guest joining us on the day ;) Whether at home or school, you'll be able to join in the fun!

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