Bucks and MK 'in school' Interschool Cup is now LIVE!

Schools compete against other schools in a physical activity and try to complete the challenge in as little time as possible/ with the highest score. Each of the schools will get pupils to do the same activity over the time period and record scores accordingly. Schools will submit a result to a central recipient. The school with the most points at the end of the week, are deemed as the winners for that activity but all those who enter will gain points in the overall standings. These points will contribute towards an overall table to eventually declare an ‘In School Inter School Cup’ winner. Scores and participation entrant details will be extracted from a google form attached to each challenge. Each week will have a new challenge for different age groups for schools to enter and complete in.

Bucks and MK 'in school' Interschool Cup is now LIVE!

School Games In School Inter School Cup 


The opening of the cup will be on the 17th May and it will run for 2 weeks before half term and then 5 weeks after half term, with the final event live on the 5th June and finishing on the 12th July. The weekly split and activity opening and closing dates are shown below. Please note you have until 5pm on Monday of the following week to submit results.

Week 1 - 17th May until 24st May : Cone Pick Up Challenge/ Collect Your Maps - Year 3 

Access here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FPeapD6fdsEglbK3VKZXGxYQ15QHmCcN/view?usp=sharing 

Week 2 - 24th May until 31st May: 50m Chained Dash/ Daring Escape - Year 5 

Access here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FPeapD6fdsEglbK3VKZXGxYQ15QHmCcN/view?usp=sharing 

Week 3 - 7th June until 14th June: Agility Challenge/ Campire Containment - Year 4  

Week 4 - 14th June until 21st June: Cups and Saucers/Lower the Drawbridge - Year 3 

Week 5 - 21st June until 28th June: Skipping/ Enter The Temple Door - Year 4

Week 6 - 28th June until 5th July: Active Relay/Get the Treasure - Year 5 

Week 7 - 5th July until 12th July: Zig-Zag Catch/ Oh No Quicksand - Year 6 


There will be a different activity each week and will be for a different age group each time. There will be 7 weeks and 7 different activities spread across the weeks. These will be activities that are physically active, away from a screen and are to be completed in schools. They are simple to complete as well as having an easy set up and an accompanying explanation resource for your understanding. There is no limit to how many times they can be attempted but only 1 entrance per group on the google form.

Data Collection:

Scores will be entered into a Google Form with SGOs to manipulate the data from there. There will also be the usual YST questions about BAME and SEND participants within this Google Form.

Scoring System: 

Schools who enter scores will be placed into ranking order for that week based on their score for that activity. This will in turn generate a placing and give points for that week. Teams will get a placement and then score the reciprocal points based on how many teams enter. For example: If 10 schools enter, the team that comes first will receive 10 points, second will get 9, so on and so forth. These weekly points will then be fed into the overall league which will run over the entire time frame. After 7 weeks of activities, we will have our final table and crown the winners of the competition.

Each week, the weekly results as well as the overall standings will be sent out to schools.

Time Frame to Complete Challenges: 

Activities will be live for 1 week, Mon to Mon 5pm. SGOs will send out the activities prior to the commencement of that activity. Competition data entrances to be entered and submitted into the relevant google form at the earliest convenience of staff. Strict submission deadline of Monday 5pm of week after the activity has closed off. After this deadline, the google form will be closed and entrances will not contribute towards the standings. 


This will be entire school vs entire school but the actual challenges will be targeted at specific years. You will be playing against the rest of the league/schools entered each week across the county. Schools do not need to enter each week and are able to select which weeks they contribute towards. 

I hope this makes the competition understandable and I hope to see many of your entries in the coming weeks. If there is anything that is unclear or confusing, please do get in touch. 

South Bucks SGO Area

The South Bucks SGO area and Sports Partnership is hosted by Alfriston School. Alfriston School is a special needs girl's school based in Beaconsfield. Alfriston is the Lead Inclusion School for Buckinghamshire and we believe in 'a sporting chance for every child'. We have a comprehensive calendar of School Games Inclusive competitions and festivals throughout the year and work with a number of County and community partners to bring about the best opportunities for staff and pupils in Bucks.