Focus on Local Dance Provider KaSoDance

Community, Club links and high quality specialist providers are key in supporting the delivery of High Quality PE & School Sport. Both during these strange times and during 'normal' school life, we work with a large number of selected companies and clubs to help stengthen your offer. Today we are focusing on KaSoDance and their FREE Trial offer to support your dance delivery. We work with KaSo in a number of our South Bucks Schools and the wonderful team always volunteer their dance teachers for our annual SEND Dance Festival and Inclusive Girls in Sport Day. Let's get the students dancing at home!

Focus on Local Dance Provider KaSoDance


Let's get them dancing!

Do you feel the pressure of having to entertain and educate a vast spectrum of ages together?

Do your teachers struggle with the confidence to deliver GREAT Dance?

“KaSoDance Scheme of work is a complete package to reinvigorate the teaching of dance.”

Emily Hair, Deputy Headteacher, Buckingham Park School

How to get it: contact sophie@kasostudios for a FREE TRIAL UNIT .

Huge SPF savings to be made now: Covid Campaign Offer

OPTION 1 for KS1

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE just £30 (RRP £120)

6 great units to choose from: Bear Hunt / Music as a Stimulus / Shape and Space / Pirates / Toy Shop / The Solar System

OPTION 2 for KS2

Buy 1 get 2 FREE just £60 (RRP £180)

12 fab units to choose from: Secret Agents / Olympics / Introduction to Irish Dance / The Lion King / Rock ‘n’ Roll / I Got Rhythm - Tap / Zumba / Pedestrian Movement / Street Dance / Free Running and Parkour / Dance By Chance / Visual Art as a Stimulus

Mix and match your units to cater for ALL year groups

Offer valid to end of Academic Year 2019/2020 - subscription will last for 6 months and reduced renewal prices available

· Affordable and measurable

· Easy start up with online access

· Everything a non-dance specialist needs

· Videos for the children to follow

· Inset videos for simple teacher training

· Minute by minute lesson plans

· Varied pupil resources

South Bucks SGO Area

The South Bucks SGO area and Sports Partnership is hosted by Alfriston School. Alfriston School is a special needs girl's school based in Beaconsfield. Alfriston is the Lead Inclusion School for Buckinghamshire and we believe in 'a sporting chance for every child'. We have a comprehensive calendar of School Games Inclusive competitions and festivals throughout the year and work with a number of County and community partners to bring about the best opportunities for staff and pupils in Bucks.