Summer Holidays - staying active and happy

The summer holidays have finally arrived! For some this will be a chance to rest and enjoy some family time, for others this can be a more difficult time. Check out below for some top tips and links, to help you stay active and healthy during the summer holidays. See you in September!

Summer Holidays  - staying active and happy

Here you will find some tip tips for keeping active over summer, as well as some activity ideas and where to get help to keep mental health on track.

5 top tips for staying active over summer

1. Aim for 60 minutes daily - this can be walking, running, cycling, cricket, fact whatever you enjoy doing! There are lots of free activities to access aswell as being able to book online / physical classes. Remember you need to raise your heart rate and feel it pumping. You want to be out of breath and feel a nice warm glow. Most important of all - have fun!

2. Activity trackers or diary -  I find wearing my fitbit tracker helps me to keep on top of how many steps I am doing daily, but you don't need just need to move more. Can you do squats whilst the adverts are on tv? Can you limit how much online / game time you do or have a walk / active break every 30 minutes? Can you go up and down the stairs 5 times every hour?

3. Have at least one screen free day  per week - no phones, no games, no social media, no tv etc! A day to play games, explore the outdoors, try something new? Get outdoors and enjoy the Vitamin D.

4. Drink water...and then drink some more! Water is vital for our bodies - we are made up of a lot of it after all! Aim for 1.5 - 2 litres per day and more if you have done exercise.

5.Make plans - I find it really helpful to plan out what I am doing for the week and when. I like to do exercise in the morning so I am ready for the day, but with extra screen time during the day for work, I have been enjoying walking in the evening. Plan with a friend (observing social distancing) or family member, to help motivate you.

Activities for kids / Healthy eating 

Circuit workout - Wheelchair friendly 

Join the Movement - activity ideas with Sport England 

Mental Health Support 

South Bucks SGO Area

The South Bucks SGO area and Sports Partnership is hosted by Alfriston School. Alfriston School is a special needs girl's school based in Beaconsfield. Alfriston is the Lead Inclusion School for Buckinghamshire and we believe in 'a sporting chance for every child'. We have a comprehensive calendar of School Games Inclusive competitions and festivals throughout the year and work with a number of County and community partners to bring about the best opportunities for staff and pupils in Bucks.