Every Mind Matters

During lockdown it is very important you take care of your mental health. Take a look at Every Mind Matters for some more information: https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/

Every Mind Matters

Having positive mental health helps us to achieve more and follow the daily tasks sprung on us during lockdown, whether this is working from home or homeschooling your child.

Here's some key points from Every Mind Matters on how to take care of your mental health during the  UK's lockdown.

Things to do if you are worried:

  1. stay connected with people
  2. talk about your worries
  3. support and help others
  4. feel prepared
  5. look after your body
  6. stick to the facts
  7. stay on top of difficult feelings
  8. do things you enjoy
  9. focus on the present
  10. look after your sleep

Looking after children and young people:

  1. listen to your child
  2. be clear about what's happening
  3. limit news about coronavirus
  4. keep close and regular contact
  5. create new routines
  6. get active indoors
  7. healthy eating
  8. ensure they get a good sleep
  9. take care of your own mental health

On the website you will also find support on how to tackle working from home and how to take care of your mental wellbeing whilst staying at home.