Virtual Sports Hall Athletics

SEE RESOURCE SHEET IN RESOURCES FOR FULL LAYOUT OF THE EVENT. The School Games Pentathlon is the ideal Personal Best Challenge and a national virtual competition aimed to connect young people across the Country in a common goal. The School Games Pentathlon is designed to: • Support the teaching of key athletic skills • Encourage reward and celebrate success and individual progress • Engage whole classes, year groups and schools • Monitor and encourage improvement in fitness levels • Enable intra-school, inter-school and virtual competition

Virtual Sports Hall Athletics

 Prior to the day: Arrange the session timings (suggested 1 hour per class/bubble) – in Primary Schools you may choose to run officials training for at least 5 students in each bubble beforehand. Secondary pupils can be provided with the appropriate guidance notes at the start of their activity. Print off the required number of scoresheets (five per session) from the Awards Spreadsheet. 

Set up your 5 events either in a Sports hall, school hall or outside on a field (if the weather is suitable) as displayed by the example diagram. Consider the order of events to allow for recovery between activities as each will test a different aspect of fitness. A sample equipment list is provided below. 

 If prior training has not been provided, introduce the rules of each event. Split the students into 5 equal groups, providing each group with a clipboard, pencil, stopwatch and scoresheet. Assign each group to their first event asking them to officiate for the others in their group. 

During the rotation ensure the correct rules are used. Once the second session is up and running instruct an adult or leader on how to enter the scoresheets of the first session on to the scoring programme. A separate spreadsheet should be set up for each bubble/class. 

Once all sessions have been completed and the scores have been entered onto the spreadsheets the Virtual Competition Team Score will be created. This score is an accumulation of the Top 25 Boys or Top 25 Girls point scores for Secondary Schools or the Top 25 Boys AND Top 25 Girls point scores for Primary Schools. This score should then be forwarded to your local School G