Sustaining participation

We aim to ensure that young people who start participating in school sport, either through the School Games or Change4Life clubs, continue to remain active throughout their school lives and beyond.

There are many opportunities for young people to continue participating in regular sporting activities both inside and outside of school and at both an intra and inter-school level. These are some of the ideas which we would encourage:

  • Leisure centres and sports parks - these facilities provide excellent opportunities to keep fit and stay active. By setting yourself goals or targets you can also make activities such as going to the gym more exciting and enjoyable.

  • Representative sport - there are many opportunities for young people to actively compete in sport. For example, they could represent their county or a community club, in addition to competing for their school.

  • Local opportunities through School Games Organisers (SGOs) and Active Partnerships - our network of SGOs and Active Partnerships have many great opportunities that young people might like to get involved in. Get in touch with them via your School Games dashboard to find out more.

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