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Miss Samphier, 18 Jun 2019

Please come and read what we have been up to

 Journey to Lapland: 

In the month of December the children were set a fun and exciting adventure to travel either on bike, scooter or walk to school for two weeks.  For each day they cycled, scooted or walked, the children received a stamp to say they completed that part of the journey and were one-step closer to Lapland.  After two fantastic weeks of the children traveling to school safely, they earnt a certificate. The children that scooted or biked to school were given a snazzy snap band to put on their bike, scooter or wrist.  

Ryan’s statement: “Journey to Lapland challenge In December, six schools took part in an active travel challenge designed to keep children walking, cycling and scooting through the winter. Each time they travelled actively to school, children could tick off a new destination in their log book, taking them from Plymouth to Lapland.  Nearly 400 pupils from College Road, Holy Cross, Beachwood, Drake, St. Andrew’s and Shakespeare completed their log books and will be awarded a certificate for continuing to travel actively despite the winter weather” 

Dr Bike: 

This was a brilliant opportunity and chance for the children to ride or scoot to school and talk to Ryan and Claire about anything that might need some TLC on their bike or scooter. Each class took their bikes to the quad, where Ryan and Claire made their bikes or scooters safe for the children to ride to school. Ryan and Claire worked very hard to get the bikes up and running and did an amazing job to get through 23 bikes and scooters. This has now allowed the children to feel confident in their bike/scooter, wearing the appropriate safety wear and reflective clothing. In turn this will make the community a safer place with young people equipped to ride on the road/ pavement.  

Wheelie Wednesday:

 Every Wednesday for the last 4 weeks we have encouraged the children to ride, scoot or walk to school making sure they are safe and wearing all the necessary protective gear and reflective wear.  Then, at registration, the teachers will ask the pupils how they travelled to school, each week is totalled up and at the end of the term the class with the most points will be awarded a prize. This also helps us see who is walking/riding to school and allows us to see who needs some encouragement. 

Smoothie bike: The smoothie bike was very successful! Every class got the chance to see what went in to making the smoothie. They soon found out they would have to put the effort in to make the smoothie machine work. Ryan and Miss Samphier loaded up all kinds of lovely fruits and the children had the challenge of getting up on the bike and pedalling until the fruit had become a smoothie drink. Not only did the children get some of their vital 5-a-day, they also got a couple of minutes of exercise. The children were thrilled that they could do both at once. Ryan also spoke about the importance of having a balanced diet and not only to have fruit and veg you need other foods to make sure you stay fit and healthy, the children told Ryan what you needed in your diet and ways of staying active

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