Leadership and Volunteering

The School Games offers excellent leadership and volunteering opportunities to both primary and secondary schools.

We encourage all schools to:

  • Seek opinions and views of young people in the planning of School Games activities by creating a sport specific workforce
  • Provide opportunities for young people to officiate, coach, and lead activities in addition to participation opportunities
  • Consider the wider roles that could be assigned around school sport to ensure that everyone can be involved
  • Consult the NGB Leadership Pathways booklet which outlines the recommended journey for young leaders.

School Sport Organising Crews and Committees

We encourage all schools to start a School Sport Organising Crew (for primary schools) or Committee (for secondary schools) to help with their intra-school sport provision. A SSOC is a diverse group of young people who join together to lead the planning and delivery of these competitions, thus playing a fundamental role in helping develop the School Games. Your school sport opportunities should be for all pupils in the school, and therefore the crew or committee should be fully inclusive - that way, everyone can take part in an activity they enjoy!

What should an SSOC be responsible for?

The duties of a School Sport Organising Crew or Committee could include:

  • Working with teachers and fellow pupils to organise intra-school competitions and school sport opportunities
  • Organising a survey to find out what young people think of sport in their school
  • Reporting back to fellow students at the end of the year on what improvements have been or are going to be made.

Your voice and skills are needed to organise, promote and motivate your school and its students to get involved in PE and school sport. As well as improving the School Games these tasks will also help to develop important life and employability skills for the students involved.

What are the benefits of taking part?

How do I get started?

All schools can easily get a committee or crew started through the tools available on our website. Simply log in, or register with us if you are new to the website, and access the resources library on your dashboard. Additionally, your local School Games Organiser (SGO) will be able to help train the Crew or Committee to ensure everyone understands exactly what they are doing and has the support they need.

What else is available?

There are a number of resources available for users registered on the School Games website that can help teachers with the setting up and running of these groups, including training handouts and guidance documents relevant to both School Sport Organising Crews or Committees and Leadership Academies.

Access leadership and volunteering resources

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