Princeville Primary School: Winners of School Games Mark Bronze Award for 2018/19

Mr Smith, 24 Nov 2019

Congratulations every one, we have won an award! Last year proved to be another very busy and hugely successful year of sport at Princeville Primary School and as a result we have won a School Games Mark Bronze Award.

Winning a School Games Mark Bronze Award is the outcome of an outstanding team performance from everyone involved - it is an accolade for the children, their families and the staff of Princeville Primary School and I would like to celebrate it with you. Team Princeville(we) could not have done it without each other's help and I would like to recognise this and thank you all for your valuable contributions. Please scroll down and read on to find out's probably about you?

First, I would like to thank all the children for their overwhelming enthusiasm and attendance at the clubs and competitions - on behalf of all the staff involved I would like to let them know that they are a pleasure to work with and in all honesty we are astonished by their displays of self-belief, passion, teamwork, honesty, respect and determination throughout the year - well done!

I would also like to acknowledge the parents and carers who have - at all times - done their best to support the school and their children: thank you for signing permission slips; thank you for washing their PE kit and in cleaning muddy trainers; thank you for collecting the children from school at inconvenient times; thank you for tolerating us being late on the odd occasion; thank you for making sure the children bring the correct equipment and above all thank you for supplying the them with some tasty snacks and drinks - in particular Mr. Raistrick and I have enjoyed these!

In addition, I would also like to thank all the staff at Princeville for their support too – thank you for allowing me to interrupt your classes and hand out letters; thank you for allowing the children to get changed in your cloakrooms and at times tidying up after them; thank you, and apologies, to the cleaners who have had to tidy up the odd bit of mud or grass we have accidentally brought into school; thank you Mrs. Bev for washing sweaty football socks and shirts; thank you to all the Cover Supervisors for covering my lessons allowing me to take the children to the competitions; but most of all thank you for encouraging them to be active, to take part and try their best, and to celebrate all of their achievements.

That said, we are not satisfied with Bronze and I believe we can continue to do better: I believe we have some good ideas and a clear plan about how to improve in 2019/20; I believe we can be even more successful and win Silver or Gold Award and I believe that we can do it if everyone in 'Team Princeville' continues to combine their efforts and continues to display self-belief, passion, teamwork, honesty, respect and determination. I am looking forward to another successful year of sport.

Mr N. Smith - School Games Coordinator

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