Physical health at the heart of Priory PE

Mr Watson, 5 Oct 2020

KS2 students strive to improve their physical health

Physical health at the heart of Priory PE

During PE this term @ Priory, not only have all students taken part in the Virtual School games competition. Students have demonstrated a great desire to improve their physical health.  Taking part in the 5 challenges, to improve, speed, strength, stamina, stability and power students work weekly at developing their, jump, speed bounce, three minute run, bench dip and modified sit up.

Students physical health goes hand in hand with mental health, the PE team at Priory always encourage our students to be the best they can be, This is why Gymrun works so well at our school.

Students understand they need to be honest when recording their scores, as they strive to improve their scores over the year to achieve as many personal bests as possible. 

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