KS2 Girls Football Festival

Miss Taylor, 17 Oct 2022

This blog was written by one of our Sports Council students who attended the Football Festival.

KS2 Girls Football Festival

Hello, I am Sansaar and as one of your Sports Council its my pleasure to write a blog about the KS2 Football Festival I attended with Ryvers School. On Thursday 6th October the girls from Ryvers Year 5&6 Girls Football Team wen tot a football festival at Arbour Park Stadium. The girls that played were Lamitta, Luigian, me, Maanya, Sindugha, Ariyana, Darcie and Lucie.

Firstly, we had to go through several different training stations before we could play matches. I am going to skip ahead to when the matches started because I don't want the blog to be too long!

Out first game was against Godolphin School. Lucie gave a great pass to Lamitta and off she went! She passed to Maanya and then Maanya passes back to Lamitta, she shoots.... but it is sadly intercepted by one of the defenders. With Ryvers caught off guard, the opposition dribbled past us all and scored. Sometimes it’s better to be overtaken so it gives you more motivation for the next game.

The next game nobody scored but you could see that we had improved a lot in everything. With Ariyana upfront, she was close to scoring. I had a very good clearance to stop the other team from scoring.

In the final game we were up against Langley Academy and we finally won!! I guess its true when people say third times the charm! It was our final game so everyone wanted to win. Everybody was motivated, Sindugha passed to Maanya and she chipped it over the goalkeeper, followed by another goal by Lamitta. The game finished 2-0 and everyone was happy after the game.

Lets hope for more success and luck for next week’s football match.

See you next time


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