Year 4 Tri Golf Competition

Year 4 Golfers, 17 May 2024

On Thursday, 16th May, a group of Year 4 children went to a golf competition at St Bedes Catholic College.

Year 4 Tri Golf Competition

When we arrived we saw four other schools who we were competing against, they looked fierce and tough... We were all quite nervous but we tried our best!

Our first game was called Dominos and with the putter, we had to hit the golf ball against the cone (one by one) until we cleared all of them. In total, we scored 48 points.

We scored a whopping 590 points on Zone Ball and we were all very proud of this!

But then something disastrous happened... we only scored 77 points on the Go For Green.

Next, we played Finders Keepers which was a really fun game where you had to hit the cones. Different coloured cones were worth different amounts of points. The blue cones was worth 1 point, the yellow cones were worth 5 points and the green cones were worth 10 points! And we got an epic 72 points. 

After that, we played Tunnel. We shot from three different distances. The closest distance got us one point, the middle distance got us five points and the longest distance got us ten points. We thought it was going to be easy but we ended up with 53 points. 

After that, we played Drive For Show. In this game,  there were three hoops (yellow, green and blue) and the points would only count if the ball stayed in the hoop.

In the end, we finished the competition with 1151 points and we came 4th overall.

Thank you Mr. Banks for taking us

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