Year 5/6 Basketball Competition

Sully, Jobyn and Samuel, 22 Mar 2024

On Thursday, 21st of March 2024, the Year 5/6 basketball team went to SHINE’s Sports Hall to play in a basketball competition.

Year 5/6 Basketball Competition

We played six matches against Henleaze’s basketball team. The first Match was our Year 6 team versus our Year 5 team. Year 6 played well but the Year 5 team managed to score six more points and won the game.

The next match was for our Year 6 team against Henleaze’s Year 6 team. Sadly, we lost 10-4.

The next match was our Year 5 team against the Year 5 Henleaze team. Jhamal did the tip and the game began well. Sadly, in one fatal blow, a member of the other team knocked Jhamal’s glasses off and they smashed on the floor. Surprisingly, the other team was given the ball but, luckily, we managed to score some points and win the match 4-2.

The next match was our A team versus Henleaze’s B team. It was a good game but sadly we lost 12-4.

But losing didn’t stop us and our Year 5 team managed to win our next match 6-4.

We all got ready for the final match, all of Westbury’s A and B teams versus all of Henleaze’s teams. The match began and we were off! Oliver did the tip but sadly the other team got the ball. Jobyn got the ball and dribbled the length of the pitch and when he got to the other team’s goal, he scored. After that, Jobyn passed the ball to Jhamal who scored but sadly the other team made some good goals and won 6-2.

However, the overall winner of the competition was us!

We all had a great time and thank you Mr Banks for coaching and taking us!

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