Level 2 New Age Kurling competition

Bethan, 15 Dec 2017

A report on our very successful debut New Age Kurling Competition


On Thursday 23rd November a team of five children, George Brenton, William Wakely, Grace Grindle, Grace Howlett and me, Bethan, went to a New Age Kurling tournament for Years 5 and 6 at Nailsea School. It started after lunch, so we left dressed in the Yatton kit.

None of us had ever played before, so we were quite nervous! We arrived with loads of time, so we could fit in lots of practice. In each round, there were four games, and we added up all the scores at the end to see who had won. It was good because the children were the ones who kept track of the scores. The first round we played was against Wrington, and we won it, 6 – 0! Unfortunately, we were a team of five, so one of us had to sit out each game to score. That time, Grace Howlett was the first to sit out. Our next round was against Uphill, and we won again, this time 7 – 1! That time, I was the one to sit out.

The third round we played was against Becket, and we won again, 5 – 3, with Grace Grindle scoring. Finally, it came to the last round, us up against Crockerne. And we won that, too, 5 – 2, even without George; he was one of our best scorers.

We all sat down for a well-earned break while the judges added up all the totals. Whoever had the most points would go through to the semi-finals. After what seemed like an age, they finally announced, ‘Yatton will be playing Kingshill B in the semi-finals!’ We were really surprised; we didn’t think we would get through!

Soon, we started to play them. They were surprisingly good! Unfortunately, this time William was sitting out, and he was one of our best players too! When it finally finished, we thought we had lost until the teacher from Kingshill said, ‘You beat us by a point!’ It felt amazing!!! We were through to the finals!

We found we were playing Blagdon in the finals, and they were good. I sat out and scored, but on the last throw from Blagdon, it nearly all failed. If they had hit one of our stones out, they would have won! But thankfully, they missed by a millimetre, sending it flying into the wall. We had won first prize!

Written by Bethan 

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