What is the School Games?

The School Games comprises of both Intra and Inter-school competitions leading to a School Games County Provision/Offer as well as a biennial National Finals event.

What is the mission?

Putting physical activity and competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best.

What is the vision?

The School Games will continue to make a clear and meaningful difference to the lives of even more children and young people.

How does it work?

The School Games events consist of four unique types of competition: intra-school competitions, local inter-school competitions, county provison/offer, and the School Games National Finals.

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What can the School Games do for me?

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What makes an event School Games?

  • School Games branding is present throughout the duration of the event
  • Participation figures are maximised through the use of round robin or league formats
  • The competitions at the event follow the National Governing Body formats and are age group appropriate
  • There is a strong emphasis on inclusion at the event to ensure all young people are given the opportunity to take part
  • Young people are offered additional opportunities to take part by leading, managing, or officiating
  • Signposting to community opportunities
  • Encouraging participants to follow the six School Games values - determination, honesty, passion, respect, self belief, and teamwork

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