Introducing our new Play Formats

Posted 9th November 2018

We are delighted to launch our new ‘Play Formats’ which are intra-competition resources. These have been designed to encourage more active play and support children to engage informally in activity before accessing more formal sport specific variations.

The newly designed ‘Play Formats’ can be accessed by Teachers and School Games Organisers as cards downloadable from the School Games website. You can also find interactive videos that anyone can access on the School Games YouTube channel.

With the opportunity for free play noticeably decreasing for some children, we want to support more young children to get their 60 active minutes a day. We hope that these formats can help children experience the benefits that come from active play; making new friendships, developing resilience and promoting imagination.

The 'Play Formats' aim to remove any barriers by encouraging children to tap into their creative freedom; giving the stimulus to design and play their own variations of the games regardless of the number of participants or equipment available.

You can view all the videos in your resource library and view an example below.

What is also unique about the ‘Play Formats’ are that they are designed for children, by children to play without the need for the intervention of adults. Scanning the QR codes on the cards will take you directly to see the game being played where excellent young leaders take you through interactive videos bringing the games to life.

At the end of each video, children decide whether to make the game harder, easier or play a different variation by changing it up.

We can’t wait to see more children playing together. By playing together, we believe life gets better.

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