Earth Day: Sustainable Events CPD & Eco Friendly Award

Posted 20th April 2022

To celebrate Earth Day on Friday 22 April, training events have taken place nationwide to inspire SGOs and Active Partnerships with ways to deliver sustainable sporting events to their schools.

We have been working with Planet Earth Games throughout the month to deliver these training sessions, which have been designed with young people in mind. The sessions encourage attendees to think of how they can embed better ways of working to ensure their events are sustainable, whilst still driving the engagement and enthusiasm of participants. 

Chris Broadbent, Founder, Planet Earth Games said: 

“We know that climate change is something that is prominent in the hearts and minds of young people. That comes though loud and clear from our own research and international studies. So when we were asked to work with Youth Sport Trust on training and supporting the School Games network towards more sustainable sport, we jumped at the chance. 

“Young people are so receptive to doing things differently for the good of the planet. Plus sport is such an effective platform for making widespread changes and influencing human behaviour. 

“It offers a unique opportunity to deliver something really tangible in shifting school sport delivery to more sustainable models, but also in engaging an enthused cohort of young people with physical activity. 

“This programme can make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability, but also empower young people and support their overall wellbeing.”

By delivering events in a more sustainable way, you will be aligning your School Games offer to the Eco-Friendly Spirit of the Games value. The introduction of the value also paves the way for the new Eco Friendly Award scheme, which is driven by young leaders. Resources, including a guide for teachers and a booklet to empower young leaders with planning peer-based delivery using their local environment, will be made available to help schools get involved. 

Further information on the Eco Friendly Award will follow shortly, so make sure to check your dashboard and our social media channels for details.

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