Have you tried Wallball?

Posted 3rd November 2022

Any Wall, Any Ball, Any Time! Wallball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and now you can get involved.

Wallball is perfect for those active breaktimes, for PE, and for those who love trying something new. For keen young people there are even pathways all the way to Team GB. All you need is a wall and a ball and you are ready to go! 

What is Wallball? 

Think Squash, but with your hands and only one wall at the front. Using your hands you hit the bouncy ball on to the wall and it has to land in the marked area, if your opponent misses you get a point! 

How can I get involved?

Check out UK Wallball's YouTube channel to learn how to play in less than a minute, and their website to find your nearest club. Why not also head over to their social media to see pictures and videos from other schools playing across the country - search for @ukwallball on all platforms.

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