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The School Games (delivered by Youth Sport Trust  and commissioned by Sport England) vision is to increase the number of  young people participating, performing, volunteering and learning in  school, club and competitive sport. The School Games is a national programme that consists of 4 levels which  includes a year round multi-sport programme for intra and inter  competition on a local and national level. The Games are designed to  build on the magic of 2012 to enable every school and child to  participate in competitive sport, including meaningful opportunities for  disabled youngsters. 

The Association for Lewisham Primary Sports is  comprised of dedicated Primary schools across the Borough of Lewisham  who affiliate and take part in; The Lewisham School Games Programme.

ALPS Aims:

  • A collaboration of primary schools across the Lewisham Borough to  affiliate to a School Games membership programme to develop cross  curricular physical education and competitive sport at level 1 and  beyond.
  • Non-profit making sustainable fund invested to achieve desired outcomes
  • Coordinate a programme of regular opportunities for key stage 2  pupils in high quality inter school competition (School Games level 2)  sporting competitions in either a central venue or festival format that  lead towards London Schools Youth Games (level 3).
  • To ensure that there is a diverse range of activities to support  all interests and abilities in line with the national framework and new  curriculum 2014 and onwards.
  • To use sport as a vehicle to develop character and employability skills.
  • To provide a forum for discussing developments, shared resources  and issues surrounding the delivery of sporting opportunities both in  curricular and extracurricular activities.

Lewisham's SGOs

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