School Games Mark 2020 Update

The Youth Sport Trust and Sport England have just released a statement regarding the School Games Mark 2020. Following a consultation process with a number of key stakeholders in the light of Covid-19, it has been regrettably decided to pause the School Games Mark for 2020. This means that schools will retain their School Games Mark achieved in 2019.

School Games Mark 2020 Update

This means that:

  • Platinum Schools will retain their status for a further year
  • Schools that would have been eligible for Platinum in 2020, will remain eligible for platinum in 2021
  • New schools applying for the SGM will have to wait until 2021.

While, I am sure this will come as a disappointment to schools looking to build on and improve their award level from last year, the Headteacher's consulted felt that the priority for staff during the summer term was to cater for the immediate needs of their students and also to prepare for a possible return to school.

A formal communication will be sent to all schools registered on with further details of this decision and the consequences for schools. Any queries should be sent to [email protected]   From a personal point of view, I am sorry to be bringing you this news. I know how hard you work and deserve recognition for providing high quality PE & Sport for young people in your schools. 

Schools are still required to complete the Inclusive Health Check for your school as it remains a key target for the School Games programme.

Best wishes and stay safe Nick‚Äč

Southfields SGO Area

The Wandsworth School Games is hosted by Southfields Academy and delivers a programme of events, competitions, teacher training courses and sport leadership opportunities for all schools in the London Borough of Wandsworth. School Games is national programme managed by the Youth Sport Trust on behalf of Sport England and delivered locally by Southfields Academy. In addition, to School Games, we are the YST Inclusion Lead School for Central London and also a hub for the FA Girls' Football School Partnerships Programme.