American Football

American (Flag) Football is an adapted non-kitted version of the 11v11 game you will have seen in the NFL. Flag football is the safe, award-winning version that schools all around the world take part in, designed to suit all abilities.

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American Football in the School Games

Flag Football is a fantastic, inclusive invasion game opportunity that develops agility, balance & coordination. Resources are available through the School Games website and suitable for Y3 upwards. The offer has been appropriately matched with the School Games mission to place positive experiences and enjoyment at the core of its offer.

With resources designed for both intra and inter school activity through challenge and competition formats that embed School Games Values and leadership opportunities.

Appropriate balls are recommended, as are tag belts & cones but that’s all you need to get going with two player throw & catch games, into full-on 5v5 competitive, fast-paced action!

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American Football won “NGB of the year” at the School Games awards in 2017 for it’s inclusive, and engaging offer.

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Flag football is supported by two key partners in JagTag & the NFL UK flag programme who can provide everything from training opportunities, curriculum support, to the chance to watch NFL games live at Wembley stadium

Getting involved in American Football

  • Flag Football skill challenges (intra-school activities)
  • Flag Football festival guidance (inter-school activity 1)
  • Flag Football 5v5 competition guidance (inter-school activity 2)
  • Schools toolkit featuring activities, further guidance & resources – COMING SOON via BAFA website

Activities to do at home

To find out more and access How to videos, visit: 

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