Archery is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or disability. Whether practised indoors or out, competitively or socially, archery is great fun and promotes an active lifestyle: improving strength, mental focus, coordination, patience and self-confidence, and putting you in a better state of mind.

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Archery in the School Games

Archery is very proud to be part of the School Games programme and is committed to providing more competitive opportunities for young people. The sport has worked with the Youth Sport Trust to develop competition formats for intra and inter school competition at primary and secondary levels. We believe that by supporting schools and their networks to deliver the School Games more young people will be introduced to archery and enjoy further opportunities through clubs.

Launched in September 2012, Arrows has been created for primary schools to introduce young children to archery in a fun and safe way. It can be delivered by teachers and sports co-ordinators who have no formal archery experience or qualification. It provides child-friendly equipment and resources, simple ideas for activities and competitions that can be used in PE lessons, across the curriculum, in out of hours clubs and as part of School Games. There are eight different activity cards and a competitive festival format. Arrows Archery enables schools to deliver archery anywhere and to engage large class sized groups in fun activities with safe equipment which is easily stored and set up. You can watch Arrows Guide to Setting up and Using a Rapid Range

There are different ways to do archery in secondary schools and more information is available in our Guide to Delivering Archery in Schools
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Archery made its debut at the Olympic Games in 1900 and has been a permanent fixture in the Games since 1972. Paralympics GB has won 60 medals since the sport debuted in 1960, 18 more than any other country.

Archery is one of the few sports that can be practised by able-bodied and impaired athletes on a level playing field.

Archery GB

Archery GB (AGB) is the National Governing Body for the sport of archery in the UK. AGB’s work is split into three key areas; delivering medals on the world stage, developing the grassroots of the sport and increasing participation in whatever form by those of every age, gender and ability. 

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Archery is often featured in myths and legends, as well as modern literature and film. One of the best-known mythological archers is Robin Hood and more modern stories that include archers include Brave, The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games.

Getting involved in Archery

Archery’s School Games programme provides competition formats for different settings:

Intra-School Primary: Challenge Cards (These cards use the Arrows – Get into Archery product)

  • Unlock the Drawbridge: This team challenge requires players to shoot accurately at the free-standing target in order to get as many opportunities as possible to gain the highest score. The highest score will unlock the drawbridge!
  • Archery – Henry V: This is a team distance challenge where players shoot far away, enabling them to do as many shuttle runs as they can.
  • The Major Oak: In this individual competition, archers shoot down lanes of cones to score points for accuracy. The lanes get gradually narrower. The archer with the most points wins.

Intra-School Primary: Competition Cards

  • Arrows Archery Festival:  This card uses four ‘Arrows – Get into Archery products’ and provides activities to give young people a chance to compete using skills in archery.

Intra-School Secondary (Schools will need to use traditional equipment and a qualified coach/instructor)

  • Target Archery – Short Metric 5: An individual archery competition shot indoors or outdoors. Archers shoot a total of six dozen arrows over two distances. The highest score wins. The competition will last approximately two – three hours depending on number of children taking part and amount of equipment available, but it can be made shorter.
  • Target Archery – Team Challenge: An exciting team ‘round robin’ competition, followed by a tense head-to-head elimination to determine the winning team, just like the Olympic/Paralympic games. The competition will last approximately one hour depending on the number of teams/archers.
  • Target Archery – Quick Shoots: A quick team or individual competition for indoors or outdoors, which involves shooting 18 arrows at 15m. The competition is designed to be as flexible as possible. It will take approximately one hour. 

Local Inter-School 

  • Primary, KS2 (Years 3-6) Competition Card 1: The Arrows Archery festival uses four ‘Arrows – Get into Archery products’ and activities to give young people a chance to compete using skills in archery.
  • Secondary, KS3 (Years 7-9) Competition Card 2: School V School Competition - Each competition is made up of two teams. Each team has nine archers, split into three groups of three (mixed or boys and girls).

Inclusive Specific Sport Format: 

  • Inclusive Archery Team Challenge - An exciting team competition that allows SEND and non-SEND archers to shoot together.

Arrows – Get into Archery Packs include additional activity cards – The Rapid Range, Basic Shooting Technique, Clout, Shooting Stars, Traffic Signals, Eliminator – Hit the Target and Parachute in.

Young Leader Award

The Arrows Young Leader Award prepares young people to become the driving force behind setting up and running their own Arrows Archery club. By the end of the course, young leaders will be able to understand how to set up and run an Arrows Archery primary school sports club or festival. This includes how to plan and deliver a safe Arrows Archery session using the Arrows equipment and resources, setting out a Rapid Range, explaining the safety rules, and delivering a fun warm-up, guide archers to shoot, and play games (under the supervision of a teacher).

If you're interested in progressing in archery

Find and contact your local club using our Club Finder: Archery clubs provide Beginners’ Courses which give you all the information you need to join the club and shoot safely. Other places where you can enjoy archery are leisure centres, holiday camps, and Scouts and Guides.

Activities to do at home

Hit the Gold #StayInWorkOut Challenge Card Primary & Secondary: Mark a cross (gold) on a wall or piece of paper and draw 3 circles around it, they don’t have to be a perfect shape. You have 3 throws at each distance and have to score as many points as possible. The cross (gold) is worth 10 points, inner circle 7 points, middle circle 5 points and outer circle 3 points.

Bucket Challenge #StayInWorkOut Challenge Card Primary & Secondary: Set up 3 – 5 buckets or other objects in a line, with smaller objects closer to you and bigger objects further away and see how many balls you can throw into the buckets/objects

Arrows Archery Kits, including a Home Edition can be purchased from Clickers Archery LTD.

Looking to Improve Your Game and be bow fit? Improve Your Game is a series of informative articles, blogs, and videos. They are created by archers, for archers. It is aimed at all levels of archers who want to improve, learn or develop within our wonderful sport.

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