A game played between individuals or teams within a defined playing area. Players try to outscore each other by rolling bowls towards the jack. The team with their bowls closest to the jack at the end win the points.

What is bowls?

The objective of bowls is to roll a ball called a bowl towards a marked position; this marked position is called the jack. Players have a set number of bowls to roll, the closest bowls to the jack wins.

Traditional bowls balls are biased. This means they are designed to travel a curved path towards their intended target. This bias is created by the shape of the ball and how the bowler rolls it.

Bowls is played on a flat surface which is often artificial turf or grass. Bowls is normally played outdoors but it can be played inside.

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Equipment needed

  • A level playing court (similar to a badminton or tennis court)
  • Balls (four of one colour per player, and one of a different colour to represent the jack)
  • Cones / tape to mark out the court

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