Dodgeball is a team game in which players must dodge or catch balls thrown by the opposition whilst attempting to strike their opponents in the same way. The game has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade, particularly among schools.

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Dodgeball in the School Games

Dodgeball was first included in the School Games in 2014 and each year there are over 35 thousand pupils participating in Inter-School dodgeball events. British Dodgeball has been supporting SGOs and schools with training and competition delivery across numerous counties. Our priority age groups are Years 5, 6 and Years 7, 8.

Dodgeball as a part of the School Games is focused on inclusion and providing more children and young people with the opportunity to be active through dodgeball. The fun dodgeball festivals run as a part of the School Games, will celebrate the School Games values, and should be dedicated to providing all participants with a fun and engaging experience of dodgeball. The resources are aimed at school teachers and SGOs, and will help support them to offer all pupils, regardless of ability, the opportunity to play and compete in dodgeball.

Getting started with dodgeball couldn’t be simpler, all you need is space, knowledge of the rules, and the correct equipment. Primary school dodgeball is normally played on a badminton size court and secondary school dodgeball on a court similar in size to a volleyball court, but open space outdoors can also be used. Primary school dodgeball is played with three size 1 foam balls whilst secondary school dodgeball is played with either five size 2 cloth balls (under 15s) or five size 3 cloth balls (under 17s). The schools section on our website provides quick start rules documents and videos for both primary and secondary school dodgeball, as well as other useful free resources. 

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Dodgeball in schools is in high demand with 33% of children expressing a desire to play more dodgeball than they are currently playing, higher than any other sport.

British Dodgeball

British Dodgeball Social Channels

British Dodgeball is recognised as the National Governing Body for dodgeball in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) by the World Dodgeball Federation and the European Dodgeball Federation. We offer support and services to the national teams, clubs, players, coaches and officials, including schools and school teachers.

Want to continue playing outside of school? Find your nearest club using the British Dodgeball club finder tool.

Want to set up your own junior club in your area or have questions about getting started? Contact one of our development team of Aden WoodallAlice Bowler and Ben Hoyle who will be happy to hear from you and help you get started!


Dodgeball is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the UK with Active Lives data ranking dodgeball as the 4th most participated sport in English schools and the 5th in Welsh schools.

Getting involved in Dodgeball

Inter-School Festival Cards (SG Format) – The inter-school festival cards provide teachers and SGOs with the recommended format for the School Games Dodgeball festivals. They provide information about how dodgeball exemplifies the School Games values and how to successfully run a dodgeball festival to ensure that it is inclusive and fun for all in attendance. They also detail further information about how to utilise young leaders at these festivals, providing them with a worthwhile experience. These cards also include the basic set-up and rules required for a dodgeball festival.

Primary School Intra-Bubble Competition Guide– This resource has been specifically designed to give teachers a quick, easy-to-use guide which allows them to run competitions within class bubbles or smaller groups. The two sides of A4 cover the equipment needed, set-up, scoring, and a quick overview of the main rules.

School Games Festival Guide Infographic – This infographic provides teachers and coaches with an overview of what to expect when attending a School Games Dodgeball Festival, and it details who will be there, how many teams can enter, and what type of awards can be expected.

School Games Festival Rules Infographic – This infographic provides teachers, coaches and SGOs with an overview of the rules that should be used when running a School Games Dodgeball Festival. Its simple format covers the main rules in two A4 sides, allowing for a quick and concise understanding of the rules. 

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