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A team game. Players must dodge or catch balls thrown by the opposition whilst attempting to strike their opponents in the same way. The game has rapidly grown in popularity over the last decade, particularly amongst schools.

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The Basics

  • Two teams start on opposing sides of a court. Three dodgeballs are lined up on the centre line and players from each team race to retrieve them at the start of the game.
  • A game then proceeds with both sets of players trying to take the opposition’s players out of the game, either by striking them with a ball they have thrown before it bounces, or by catching a ball thrown by an opponent – a successful catch also allows the defending team to regain a player that has previously been taken out of the game.
  • A game lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes and a team can win a game by eliminating all the opposition players within the 3 minute time period or having more players remaining on their side of the court at the end of 3 minutes.


  • Dodgeball began in the UK in 2005 with the first competitive match taking place between Leeds Metropolitan and Stafford University’s. Since then the sport has increased in popularity year on year with leagues, opens and championships being ran throughout a competitive season by British Dodgeball.
  • Dodgeball in schools has grown in popularity too since 2005 with safe and competitive formats of the sport available for children of all ages. British Dodgeball supports youth dodgeball through its competition pathway and school games delivery. 
  • The International game sees teams from across the World compete at World Cups and Continental Championships. British Dodgeball runs the Great Britain Dodgeball Team as well as supporting the Home Nations of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with events each season.

National Governing Body

British Dodgeball – please click here for more information.

NGB Competitions

National Primary School Competition Pathway - please click here for more information. 


  • Intra-School Primary: Competition Card
  • Intra-School Primary: Challenge Card
  • Intra-School Secondary 
  • Local Inter-School

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