The national sport is an invasion game, traditionally played between two teams of eleven players, but can also be played in other formats such as 5v5, 7v7 and 9v9. The game was born in England but has since become the most played sport in the world.

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Football in the School Games

  • Football has been a part of the School Games since their inception and is the most popular sport in the UK.
  • Through the School Games, The Football Association (FA), English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA) and Independent Schools’ Football Association (ISFA) wish to provide opportunities for young people who would not ordinarily have the chance to represent their school in football/futsal fixtures. Football’s key focus and priority work for SGOs in terms of raising participation in Primary Girls (years 5/6) and Secondary Disability football (years 7-11)
  • Football is a simple game which involves two even teams (up to 11v11) kicking a ball into a rectangular goal with a net. Players will generally score with their feet but can use any part of their body apart from their hands and arms. Matches are played over 2 even time periods of ‘halves’ but games can be played straight through in mini-soccer and festival formats.

Pokémon Futsal 

The new Pokémon Futsal resources have been developed with the purpose of helping schools introduce new players to futsal through a positive first experience of the game or prepare for a School Games Futsal competition. 

They are for everyone regardless of ability and can be used by schools for targeted intervention encouraging players that may not already engage, whilst also applying and developing the School Games values. 

Pokemon Power Futsal Poster

Click below to download the resources:

Also, don’t miss your chance to win a Pokémon bundle by being one of: 

  • The first 100 SGOs to log a School Games futsal competition on the competition calendar 
  • The first 100 schools or SGOs to share the school Pokémon Futsal resources via social media using #POKEMONFUTSAL

To claim your free Pokémon Bundle, click here. For details on how to win, please refer to the terms and conditions here.

Pokémon Futsal Challenge

You may wish to also check out the Pokémon Futsal Challenge. A fun-filled activity which gets kids moving with the purpose of maximising the School Games values and ensuring all children can achieve. 

The challenge is for everyone, regardless of ability, disability, impairment or health condition and can also be used as a virtual warm-up ahead of the summer School Games Futsal competition. Click below to download the resources.

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By 2024, the FA have an ambition to see equal access to football for all girls at 90% of schools.

The FA

The main NGB for Football is the Football Association (FA).

Within schools we also have English Schools’ Football Association (ESFA) and The Independent Schools’ FA (ISFA) – please click on their respective links for more information.

Please click to read the Football School Games Position Statement.  

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Did you know there are over 2000 grassroots disability football teams across England?

Getting involved in Football

Below you can find the Football School Games formats. 

Activities to do at home

Check out the Pokémon Futsal Challenge linked above. A fun filled activity which gets kids moving with the purpose of maximising the School Games values and ensuring all children can achieve.

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