Goalball is a unique Paralympic team sport for visually impaired players. However, in the UK, anyone can play as everyone wears eyeshades. Instead of using sight, you listen for the audible ball and feel for the tactile court. It's great fun!

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Goalball in the School Games

Due to its inclusivity goalball is often played in schools where there are visually impaired students - empowering them to play with and compete fairly against their sighted peers.

  • Appropriate for all age groups.
  • Indoor sport so can be played all year round.
  • Enjoyed by girls and boys equally.
  • Something different - no misconceptions/previous negative experiences.
  • Strong links to the curriculum - helps to develop teamwork and communication skills.
  • Empathy - helps to develop understanding of disability and inclusion.

Goalball is a 3 v 3 sport and is typically adapted for a school environment using benches and mats in place of the goals and tactile court used at the Paralympics. There are vital non-playing roles required in goalball including goal judges, officials, timekeepers, and scorekeepers.

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Great Britain Women’s goalballer, Antonia Bunyan, started her goalball journey at the North Yorkshire School Games!

Goalball UK

Goalball UK website – goalballuk.com

Goalball UK run various projects across the UK to increase the opportunities for people with a visual impairment to get involved in sport. They also run projects specifically for children and young people, and for schools interested in introducing or developing their goalball offer. They have a dedicated Children and Young People Officer, to get in touch please email [email protected].

For more information about Goalball UK’s resources, packages, and support available for schools and SGOs please use the following link: goalballuk.com/school/


Over 3,500 pupils new to goalball have participated thanks to a Children in Need funded project ran by Goalball UK.

Getting involved in Goalball

Taster session (incl. rules) – This is designed to give a class of children a brief introduction to goalball, with an overview of how to play a game of goalball.

‘Goalball Values’ reward system – This is designed to instill the 6 ‘Goalball Values’: Confidence, Honesty, Respect, Trust, Teamwork, and Listening.

Primary Teaching Cards – This resource is designed to enable primary schools to introduce goalball in PE or extra-curricular activities, please contact Goalball UK to access the full resources.

Secondary Teaching Cards (coming in the 2021/22 academic year!) – This resource is designed to enable secondary schools to introduce goalball in PE or extra-curricular activities, please contact Goalball UK to express your interest in these.

Goalball School Leaders Course for young leaders and staff – This training course is designed to enable participants to deliver goalball in a school environment, covering the basic coaching and officiating skills.

Introduction to Officiating (coming soon) – Online course designed to introduce the basics of officiating prior to Goalball UK National League Tournaments.

For both the School Leaders and Intro to Officiating courses– Please contact Goalball UK directly for more information: [email protected]

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