Golf is a club and ball sport in which players hit a small ball into a series of holes on a course, in as few shots as possible. A traditional game of golf is played out over an 18 hole course, either as individuals or in a team.

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Golf in the School Games

The Golf Foundation embraced the opportunity provided by the School Games and in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to develop an 8-game Tri-Golf festival format for primary schools and a Super Sixes format for secondary age pupils. In 2019, there was 51,475 pupils from 3,598 schools who played golf for their school in the School Games. These events were run with the support of 7,440 young sports leaders.

The Golf Foundation is committed to providing more competitive opportunities for young people and believes that by supporting schools and their networks to deliver the School Games, more young people will also be introduced to golf and enjoy further opportunities through HSBC Golf Roots Centres across the country. The Golf Foundation has created games cards for both primary and secondary schools to download and utilise when planning School Games events. A ‘School Games Toolkit’ and video ‘Teaching Points’ are available to support School Games Organisers, Teachers and Young Leaders. Golf is an inclusive sport and the Golf Foundation’s formats provide fun, games-based activities that can be adapted to include many ability levels.

Golf in the School Games is usually delivered as a team sport through an 8-game skills festival; however, we also offer a 4-game virtual format, a School Games Values Festival and an individual Personal Best format. The individual ‘My PB Skills Challenge’ can be played during the 4-game team based ‘Virtual Golf Skills Competition’ or as individual events. The space required to set up the 4-game competition is the equivalent of a badminton court, or for the 8-game version, a netball court or small football pitch. All the games can be played indoors or outdoors and in confined spaces. 

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Almost every borough in London offers a Tri-Golf competition and 90% of School Games Organisers run a golf event across England.

The Golf Foundation

The Golf Foundation

Regional Development Officers:

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In 2019, there was 13,198 pupils who represented their school at inter-level School Games competitions at a golf club venue, which was over 25% of all inter-level participants.

Getting involved in Golf

The School Games Golf Toolkit provides all the information you need to include golf in your School Games offer. NEW FOR 2021: School Games Values Festival, Virtual Golf Skills Competition and My PB Challenge. 

The Golf Foundation has prepared some video teaching points to help teachers, leaders and coaches better support pupils when they are participating in any of the formats.

Here is the 8-game Golf Skills Competition in action. Taken at the Cumbria School Games County Final:

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