Gymnastics competitions within the School Games focus on giving every child the opportunity to shine. British Gymnastics believe competitions should be safe, full of fun and positivity, providing the opportunity for every child to amaze themselves.
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What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an amazing foundation sport which allows children to develop physically, socially, and emotionally. British Gymnastics disciplines include; Acrobatic Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics, Disability Gymnastics, Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, TeamGym, Trampoline, Double Mini Tramp, Tumbling and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

The Schools Competition Framework allows pupils to begin their journey into the sport and to explore and develop skills from across the many gymnastics’ disciplines.

Primary Format

The primary competition framework follows the British Gymnastics Recreational Rise Gymnastics Programme and Award Scheme.

Rise Gymnastics competitions will:

  • Celebrate gymnasts’ holistic development alongside skill development
  • Give gymnasts the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt in a low pressure, fun environment
  • Be inclusive of all gymnasts
  • Empower gymnasts by rewarding points for what they achieve, rather than deducting for their mistakes.

Secondary Format

The secondary school offer follows the GymChallenge format, which is designed to focus on fun and fitness, and is a great opportunity to get young leaders involved.

Find out more about how to run gymnastics formats.

Equipment needed

  • Floor area with mating
  • Small apparatus choice of ball / hoop / ribbon
  • Large apparatus choice of bench / vault (box top / agility tables) / Bar
  • Trampolines (Senior School Competition Framework)

Get involved

The School Games is inclusive to all young people and provides opportunities for everyone to get involved, either within school, against other local schools, or at county or regional level.

School Games Organisers

School Games Organisers (SGO) help schools coordinate appropriate competitive opportunities for all young people from Key Stage 2-4, to recruit, train and deploy a suitable workforce, and to support the development of club.

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School Games formats

Learn more about the School Games formats suitable for gymnastics competitions:

Quick and easy gymnastics activities

Be it 10-minute or lesson-length activities, we have a range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities to encourage young people to stay active throughout the day.

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