Special Olympics MATP® is designed to prepare athletes with severe or profound disabilities for sport-specific activities that are appropriate for their impairment. It primarily uses movement and sensory stimulation programmes that are normally between eight and 12 weeks ending with a 'challenge day'.

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The Basics

  • Special Olympics MATP® is an activity that gives athletes an opportunity to practise skills that will prepare them for sport without comparison to others. The focus is on achieving personal bests.
  • The sport can comprise of two types of activity. Firstly, skill stations where athletes take part in activities that develop mobility, dexterity, striking and kicking. Secondly, group games where participants can work with others and interact with peers to develop their skills.
  • At the end of the training programme there is a challenge day that meets the needs of all competing athletes.


  • The sport has been developed by physical and recreational therapists focusing on participation and skill development.
  • Special Olympics MATP® has been included at the Special Olympics held at Bath 2013 and then again at Sheffield in 2017.
  • The sport is growing quickly and there are now multiple clubs across the country.


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