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An individual sport suitable for all athletes, including those with disabilities, but particularly beneficial for anyone with balance or coordination issues, polybat has become a popular inclusion in School Games events across the country.

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The Basics

  • Polybat is played with a ball and two bats on a simple rectangular table. The two players sit at respective ends of the table, with raised barriers along each length of the table to prevent the ball from dropping off the side. 
  • Players hit the ball to each other along the length of the table using their bats – glove-bats can be used if necessary – with the aim of getting the ball past their opponent and off the end of the table to win a point.
  • If a player hits the ball off the table and into the air then they also lose that point, making it important for athletes to concentrate on technique rather than force. The first player to reach an agreed number of points wins the match.


  • Polybat was born at Nottingham Trent University as one of a number of adapted games that teachers and students there helped create. PE teacher Doug Williamson led on the development of the sport and completed his work in the late 1990s.
  • In 1997, Polybat was included as one of the games in the Youth Sport Trust’s ‘Sportsability’ scheme. Following this, wooden prototype games evolved into the plastic prototypes and then into full production – allowing the kit to roll out nationwide.
  • Polybat has since been recognised by the British Table Tennis Association for people with disabilities as a table tennis based game – helping give more young children the opportunity to compete in and enjoy the sport.

National Governing Body

Nottingham Trent University – please click here for more information.


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