A hugely popular racket sport that can be played individually or between two teams of two players; each player or team uses a tennis racket to strike a ball over a net and into their opponent’s court.
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What is tennis?

Tennis is fun, great for fitness, and for developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy. Tennis is also a great way of developing personal and character skills.

Modified versions of the game (Red, Orange, and Green) make it accessible and achievable for all ages and abilities. Boys and girls can play together so it is ideal for mixed classes and events.

View the overview tennis in the School Games to see how it can support the intentions of competition and links with School Games values. 

There are three formats available for primary schools. All formats are SEND-inclusive and can be adapted according to individual requirements.

Primary Formats

The Primary Skills Festival is a flexible format which includes a range of activities that organisers can select from to tailor the festival specifically for the young people involved, and the time and space available. The activities consist of tennis-based skill challenges, which can be delivered as intra or inter school events. Score sheets are available.

Mini Tennis Red competition is designed for Year 3/4 and aimed at beginners and pupils new to the game. It’s suggested that it is a mixed event. Red tennis is played on badminton sized courts using a larger slower ball.

Mini Tennis Orange competition is aimed at Year 5/6 and a great way for pupils to continue their progress from Red. Again, it’s suggested that it is a mixed event. Orange tennis is played on courts that are longer and wider than red stage, but still smaller than full-size tennis courts.  

Both competition events could be combined with festival activities so that pupils are participating in a mix of skills activities and matches. There are additional resources available for running events including videos on how to score matches, template certificates, and the free Tennis Leaders course. 

Secondary Formats

There are two formats available for Secondary schools.

Secondary Red Ball includes different formats for inter and intra school events. Formats include a mix of fun games and matches and can be co-designed and led by students. They also include values-based scoring. Red Ball tennis is a fun, modified version of the game played on badminton sized courts using lighter balls and shorter rackets. 

Inclusive Red Ball is a match-only format. Red tennis is played on badminton sized courts using a larger slower ball. It’s suggested that it is a mixed event and teams consist of a minimum of two SEND players.

There are additional resources available for running events, as well as information on LTA organised secondary competitions and the free Tennis Leaders course. 

Equipment needed

  • Rackets
  • Tennis balls
  • Suitable court space (either indoors or outside)

Get involved

The School Games is inclusive to all young people and provides opportunities for everyone to get involved, either within school, against other local schools, or at county or regional level.

School Games Organisers

School Games Organisers (SGO) help schools coordinate appropriate competitive opportunities for all young people from Key Stage 2-4, to recruit, train and deploy a suitable workforce, and to support the development of club.

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Quick and easy tennis activities

Be it 10-minute or lesson-length activities, we have a range of activities suitable for all ages and abilities to encourage young people to stay active throughout the day.

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