Ultimate Frisbee

A fast-moving game played between two teams on a pitch split into three zones. The aim is to pass the frisbee to a teammate in the endzone you’re attacking. The other team takes possession if your pass is not caught.

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Ultimate Frisbee in the School Games

Ultimate was introduced to the School Games in 2018-19 and saw thousands of young players across all school ages pick up a disc and play for the first time.

Ultimate is a non-contact team game that is often played with mixed-gender teams.  Playing with a disc instead of a ball makes a nice change - and there’s a special thrill about learning how to make the frisbee fly.  Ultimate is self-refereed, creating great opportunities to learn more about communication, trust, empathy .

To play, you just need some space, some cones to mark the endzones, and of course a disc.  We recommend playing 4-a-side to help everyone get their hands on the frisbee, but a full-size game is 7-a-side, and the main thing is just to have two equal teams.  Our resources suggest that a 4-a-side game is played on a pitch that is 30m x 15m, but this should be adapted to your circumstances.

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The first flying disc was a pie-tin made by “Frisbie’s Pies”.

UK Ultimate

UK Ultimate is the National Governing Body for Ultimate in the UK.

Contact us by email: [email protected]

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The game of Ultimate was invented in a car park in 1967, but it's a lot safer on a grass pitch, in a sports hall - or even a beach if you have one nearby.

Getting involved in Ultimate Frisbee

UKU Coach Education: The UKU Foundation Award is a comprehensive introduction to playing and teaching Ultimate. It is ideal as CPD for teachers and sports coaches. It is for groups who already have the skills of teaching or coaching, but have little or no experience of Ultimate. Trainee teachers, activators, youth workers, teaching assistants etc, would also be suitable candidates. The Foundation Award is designed for those teaching children from KS2 - KS5.  https://www.ukultimate.com/coaching/foundation

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Our return to play guidance is here (including a school-specific appendix also available on this page): https://www.ukultimate.com/story/phased_return_play_guidance

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