Ultimate Frisbee

A fast-moving game played between two teams on a pitch split into three zones. The aim is to pass the frisbee to a teammate in the end zone you’re attacking. The other team takes possession if your pass is not caught.

What is ultimate frisbee?

More commonly known as Ultimate, ultimate frisbee was introduced to the School Games in 2018 and saw thousands of young players across all school ages pick up a disc and play for the first time.

Ultimate is a non-contact team game that is often played with mixed-gender teams and the sport is self-refereed, creating great opportunities for young people to learn more about communication, trust, empathy .

To play, you just need some space, some cones to mark the end zones, and of course a disc. Team matches can be with 4-a-side to help everyone get their hands on the frisbee, but a full-size game is 7-a-side. Games consisting of 4-a-side are best suited to a pitch size of 30m x 15m, but this can be adapted to your circumstances.

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Equipment needed

  • Frisbees (or frisbee-style discs)
  • Suitable playing space (either indoors or outside)
  • Bibs
  • Cones / floor markers
  • Targets (e.g. buckets, hoops, etc)

Get involved

The School Games is inclusive to all young people and provides opportunities for everyone to get involved, either within school, against other local schools, or at county or regional level.

School Games Organisers

School Games Organisers (SGO) help schools coordinate appropriate competitive opportunities for all young people from Key Stage 2-4, to recruit, train and deploy a suitable workforce, and to support the development of club.

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