Wheelchair Basketball

One of the most inclusive team sports, wheelchair basketball is a team sport played on a standard sized basketball court, and everyone plays the game using a sports wheelchair.
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What is wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair Basketball has been included into the School Games since 2011. The sport has a lot of similar rules to basketball, but the game is adapted to be as accessible as possible and allows everyone in the school setting to take part together. 

There are alternate formats of wheelchair basketball you can play outside of the traditional 5v5 version. You can play the 3x3 version, which only requires half a basketball court, a basketball and 6 sports wheelchairs, or Inclusive Zone Basketball, which you will need a basketball court, a basketball, 4 sports wheelchairs, tape to mark out the zones, and a floor basket.

Find out more about how to play wheelchair basketball formats.

Equipment needed

  • Sport wheelchairs
  • Basketballs
  • Basket hoops (height to be suitable to the needs of your group)
  • Suitable indoor playing space

Get involved

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School Games Organisers

School Games Organisers (SGO) help schools coordinate appropriate competitive opportunities for all young people from Key Stage 2-4, to recruit, train and deploy a suitable workforce, and to support the development of club.

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