Active Kids Do Better Programme

Age / School Type:
  • Primary
Setting / Time of Day:
  • Active Breaks (Activities that can be completed in less than 10 minutes)
  • Active Start (Activities for young people before school)
Delivered by:
  • Teacher
  • School staff
  • Young Leaders
  • Parents
  • Self led by young people

Active Kids Do Better is the result of a partnership between Discovery Education and  Nike. Today’s children are part of the least active generation in history. The Sport England Active Children Survey published in December 2019 found that 53.2% of children are not getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical exercise each day. Active Kids Do Better is about making little changes throughout the school day to help children work towards reaching this goal and demonstrating that all children are able to lead active lives.

Active Kids Do Better provides teachers with simple, easy-to-follow movements that can easily be incorporated into the school day. Available on a public website,, the programme is broken down into the following sections:

  • Active Classroom: provides a range of ready-to-go movements to help motivate and energise pupils. Movements are modelled in a short video and include varying levels of difficulty.
  • Active Classroom Activity Booster: enables teachers and pupils to create a sequence of movements with varying duration and accompanying music.
  • Active Playground: includes a selection of team games that can help develop skills in everything from teamwork and coordination to balance.
  • Active Home: helps schools encourage increased physical activity at home with simple, fun family-friendly activities that can help families move together.

These simple and fun physical activities/tasks/games help and inspire teachers and parents to get their children more active! And in doing so to help children concentrate and stay on task at school or in blended learning scenarios.

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