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Athletics - Quad Kids Athletics

Age / School Type:
  • Primary
Setting / Time of Day:
  • Active Lunchtime (Activities that can be completed in less than 30 minutes)
  • After School (Extra curricular club/competition based activities)
  • Active Learning (Delivery of the curriculum through the physical)
  • Summer Activities (Activities that can be delivered in summer schools)
  • Active Sports Day (Activities that can be delivered in sports days)
  • NSSW (Activities to celebrate National School Sport Week)
Delivered by:
  • Teacher
  • School staff

  • What? Quad kids is a fun team competition based upon the athletic events of 75m sprint, 600m run, standing long jump and howler throw.
  • Who? KS2 group activity that can be used with large or small numbers of pupils
  • When? PE lessons, extra curricular clubs or lunch time activity
  • Pupil roles: Performer, organiser or official
  • Why? To develop speed, endurance and power with additional opportunities to develop team work and leadership skills
  • Staff experience: Confidence in managing multiple events occurring simultaneously
  • Equipment required: Whistle, stopwatch, measuring tape, vortex howlers and a pen and paper to record the results
  • Space: Ideally an outdoor space large enough to ensure throwing events do not effect other activities
  • Inclusivity: Detailed STEP suggestions on the resource card

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