Rugby League Skills Challenges

Key Stage:
  • Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 4
Led by:
  • Teacher
  • School staff
  • Young Leaders
  • Parents
  • Self led by young people
Rugby League Skills Challenges
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Activity details

The ‘Set of 6’ skill challenges are designed for beginners to Rugby League, with variations for wheelchair users (WhRL) and pupils with learning disabilities (sideSTEP). They are for suitable for all KS2-KS4 pupils and are completed individually. 

Each resource contains 6 challenges to practice and complete, reflecting the 6 tackle rule we play to. They are based around core Rugby League skills including grip, carry, catch and pass. There are optional scoring opportunities and the skills can be differentiated to allow all pupils to be challenged, but also to succeed and achieve their personal best. 

 They can be completed anywhere by anyone! You will need about 10m of space and a rugby ball, but in all instances the ball can be substituted for any other piece of equipment available if required, including round balls or even a pair of rolled up socks! 

Within school, the skills can build up to a Skills Challenge event where pupils compare and compete against each other for the best score or biggest improvement.


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