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Target Golf

Age / School Type:
  • Primary
Setting / Time of Day:
  • Active Breaks (Activities that can be completed in less than 10 minutes)
  • After School (Extra curricular club/competition based activities)
  • Summer Activities (Activities that can be delivered in summer schools)
  • Active Sports Day (Activities that can be delivered in sports days)
  • At home (Activities that are suitable for at home)
Delivered by:
  • Teacher
  • School staff
  • Young Leaders
  • Parents
  • Self led by young people

Target Golf is an exciting competitive activity and is different each time it is played! Using a variety of equipment to create a ‘golf’ course, the aim is for pupils to get round the course in the least number of throws possible. Extra shots are added when bunkers or water hazards are landed in. Using a range planning, decision making and creative skills this game is fun and challenging. 

  • Number of participants: Group/pair/individual 
  • Purpose of activity: Increase pupil physical activity through a golf style throwing game. Aiming to reach all the ‘holes’ in the least number of throws possible. 
  • Including all pupils: STEP framework included. 
  • Pupil roles: Participant 
  • Space: Outdoors. Ensure the space is suitable for the number of players, with space around the course if the beanbags/balls miss the target. 
  • Equipment: A variety of objects to create the course i.e. Boxes, hoops, rope, string, marker cones, benches, flat markers, buckets. A range of throwing objects i.e. beanbags, balls, koosh balls, Frisbee, paper & pen for recording scores.

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