School Games Personal Challenge

Daisy, 6 Jun 2018

KS2 Personal Challenge

School Games Personal Challenge

Every week, KS2 do the School Games Personal Challenge. Last term we did shuttle runs and catching a tennis ball. 

The shuttle runs are where there are 2 spots opposite each other and you run from one side to the other and you have to do as many as you can in 1 minute. Each person has a partner and one of them counts the other whilst Mrs Brown times them once the 60 seconds are up, we swap and the other person who was running before counts and vice versa. 

The next challenge is catching a tennis ball. You have one minute to catch the ball and once again you are with the same partner, one person counts whilst one person catches then swaps. However, if you drop the ball, you start from zero and the highest score is the one that the counter tells Mrs Brown. 

Each term we do two different challenges so we don’t get bored of the last one and each challenge covers something new. 

The Personal challenge is a really fun way to let all our energy out at the end of the day as well as getting active too. We are looking forward to next terms personal challenge.

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