Forest school Autumn 1 2021 Highlight Reel

Mr Lee, 2 Nov 2021

Check out what happened over Autumn 1 in our new and exciting forest school programme!

Forest school Autumn 1 2021 Highlight Reel

 Hammalaxing at our new Forest school site @ West Lakes science park

One of the biggest changes at the start of last half term was the introduction of a new site for our School pupils at Bransty. BEC have been super welcoming and helpful allowing us to use the incredible woodlands allowing us to expose our pupils to more varieties of trees, fauna, insects, sounds and fungus! We have yet to pond dip the ponds but I have a feeling that will be happening very soon as we continue to visit the site again the 2nd week of November. We have also continued operating the Woodlands walk from school where pupils complete a 5 mile digital challenge session on a wide varieties of trails weaving through Whitehaven exploring woodland from our school doorstep all the way to the town centre. This will continue for our year 6 pupils next term 😊

 The digital treasure hunt carving its way through Whitehavens secret spots!

And lastly we are proud to say that last half term we finally pulled off the the first ever Bransty Forest school all-nighter! The pupils stayed overnight at school from 3.15 till 7am where they made their very own veggie pasta, Garlic flat breads and plain flat breads! We did so much in a short amount of time which involved our 3 lookafters. We prepped food for each other, looked after our school site weeding brambles and opening up more spaces to play and use and spent time getting Arty with clay and Hapazome Leaf printing. This was all alongside so much more! Bug hunting, bug eating, songs around a campfire, melted chocolate fondue dipping fruit, hot chocolate, bed building and the classic floury finish with a game of Robots! The pupils were awesome and our sausage sandwich breakfast was just perfect! 

 Finally a big thank you to the team around me who if it wasn’t for them Forest school just wouldn’t happen! We are very lucky to have an SLT  and governors at Bransty who care deeply about the benefits of Forest school enriching our pupils and the curriculum. This alongside staff who help me week after week and help facilitate fun,  laughter and good times provide the right ingredients to help Forest school flourish.

This next half term will see us begin a very ambitious tree and hedgerow planting in our own school site. This is going to take a huge amount of time and effort but will massively invest in the future of increasing nature onsite at Bransty! Watch this space for more information on planting events. All thanks to our successful bid with United utilities and Cumbria woodlands! Thank you Angus @Cumbria woodlands for all your assistance on the project bids.

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