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Mona Road, WHITEHAVEN, England, CA28 6EG
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Bransty Primary School is a very special place where each child is an important part of our school family and where children come first. Bransty’s children are our future generation and as such must be nurtured, cared for and educated to the highest standards. This is what we aim to achieve. Your child’s happiness is at the heart of everything we do. A happy child will learn well and reach his or her true potential. A part of our vision states, “Learning is a treasure that follows its owners everywhere”

 Bransty Primary School ensures our pupils experience as many positive experiences as possible. We aim to make learning fun so that our children are engaged and motivated to always do their best and we can celebrate all learning. We create a ‘can do’ culture and help children to aspire to be the best they can be by widening their horizons.

At Bransty we understand the need to incorporate the community and its wealth of knowledge and want to ensure our pupils thrive in the real world. It is essential to work well in the community and ensure our parents and carers are together with us on this exciting educational journey. Our mantra is:

‘Together WE can make a difference’

All of our staff share this vision and recognise that our children are all unique with their own needs and talents. We are a very inclusive school and each pupil is treated with utmost respect and understanding. Our children’s uniqueness is celebrated and enhanced. Staff work incredibly hard to provide a varied and engaging curriculum and give every child a memorable school experience.

We see ourselves are far more than just a school. Bransty Primary School is a very special place to learn so why not come and see for yourself!

School Games Mark


Bransty Primary School achieved Gold award in the most recent year School Games Mark was awarded.

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